Schooner Vega

From time emorial man has been attracted to the sea and to shipping. As far back as the Vikings the longing to explore the unknown has led to the discovery of new shores. The sea has enabled contact between civilizations, and shipping has opened the way for trade between peoples. Every ocean has at one time been conquered by wooden sailing-ships.

Vega was built in 1909 in Viken, Sweden. She is one of the last remaining ships from a thousand year old tradition of sailing ships that right up until the middle of the last century transported merchandise and supplies along our coasts. When these ships lost their economic interest they would have disappeared forever if certain enthusiasts had not realized the importance of preserving and making use of them. Vega was destined to be broken up at Finnboda shipyard in Stockholm in 1985. She was saved at the last minute thanks to Egil Bergström’s desire to pass our cultural heritage on to future generations. A large-scale restoration project was begun.

After many years work whereby the ship was restored to her original state, Vega will be making her second maiden voyage in June 2008.



Vega will be 100 years old in 2009 and will be ready to welcome aboard those wishing to experience a moment of history. Enjoy the sense of peace that is brought about by the rippling of the water against the stern, the whistling of the wind in the rig and the knowledge that you are travelling with only the help of wind power.

Those sailing aboard Vega humbly interact with the forces of nature on an adventure and a voyage of discovery. We experience living history whilst keeping our bearing set on the future.

The standard on board is high and it is authentic. Below deck in the former hold the large lounge has plenty of space for meals and for socializing as well as cabins for two to four people. Our cook invites you for delicious food prepared in the well-equipped kitchen. There is even a sauna in the bow.

The same love and care that has been put into the accomplishment of building a ship of the highest quality permeates the whole sailing experience so that our guests can participate in the fellowship that develops on board and be a part of the tradition that many have heard about but few have actually experienced.


For booking and information :

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Welcome aboard!

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